About us

Transforming the Cleaning Industry with Excellence, Ethics and Customer Satisfaction

I feel so fortunate to be part of YG CLEANERS. The award-winning company has come a long way to become a professional facilities management provider servicing luxury offices, business centers, retail companies, schools, and private and NHS clinics. The company has become a well-known domestic cleaning company providing services for vulnerable residents to celebrities across Birmingham. Driven by strong ethical principles, continuous improvements (particularly in the quality of cleaning), customer service, and systems,  YG CLEANERS has shown significant growth year on year.

Training, caring and supporting our cleaning staff

Since its inception, YG CLEANERS has emphasised the importance of safety by assembling a team of skilled support and administration staff, along with knowledgeable advisors in Health & Safety to ensure a secure environment for everyone involved. Our recruitment and induction process has evolved. It now includes 26 video courses made internally for all cleaning staff, 13 additional videos for deep cleaning and commercial teams and additional BICSc training for our supervisors.

Since 2019 YG CLEANERS has championed Living Wage bringing up the pay to Birmingham Living Wage one contract at a time. Being initially a Living Wage Recognised Service Provider, the company is now in the process of becoming a Living Wage Employer.

Supporting Communities and Wider Environment

Located in Birmingham, the company has supported local Birmingham residents in various ways and is the only commercial cleaning company with an office presence in the borough.

At YG CLEANERS, we uphold a strong commitment to environmental responsibility, and this commitment extends beyond our services to encompass our office practices. We have taken significant steps to implement a comprehensive sustainability policy and action plan aimed at reducing our environmental impact as a company and as individuals. These initiatives reflect our dedication to minimizing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices throughout all aspects of our operations.